Pimp-ya-Self Pin-board – Week 2

darkmatterfanzineThere may, one day, come a time when we post the pin-board up on schedule. Who knows? But until then, two days late will have to suffice. So prepare yourself for some web-heavy pimpin!

Dark Matter Fanzine – SF, Fantasy and Art Zine

darkmatterfanzineApart from all the usual at darkmatterfanzine.com, I’m preparing for several interviews & working on pinterest.com/DarkMatterZine. – @darkmatterzine

Dark Matter Media Productions began life as an independent fanzine exploring science fiction, fantasy, art, life, the universe and everything.  A fanzine is a fan (non-professional, unpaid) publication in a newsletter-style format.

On 29 April 2012 Dark Matter‘s website was launched. Since then, Dark Matter has grown to include blogs, vlogs, interviews in MP4 (YouTube) and MP3 (audio only) formats.

Official Site | Facebook | Twitter | Google+

Warrior Crone – A NOVEL by Jennifer Christopherson

warriorcroneI scored an interview with Imagineer!!! I am about to do a book review exchange with someone AND I am in the final proofing stage of Warrior Crone, so I am preparing for the “Release Party” and trying to do as much PR as possible!!!! – Jennifer Christopherson

Tar-Reesh, concieved of tragedy and born into a life not her own, becomes the youngest and the most powerful Crone in the world.

Official SiteGoogle+ | BlogInterview (courtesy of Dreamspring)


New Adult Spec Reads – New Adult Speculative Fiction

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 10.45.19 AMCan I pimp our new website? It’s to be a hub for spec fic aimed at a post-YA audience / about being newly independent: http://www.newadultspecfic.com/. – Caroline Norrington

We are excited by the emerging category of New Adult fiction. At the moment, the label is strongly associated with contemporary fiction and romance. We too want to read fiction about newly independent adults, it’s just that we’d like to see it in fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, historical fantasy, paranormal, and horror stories.

There is a wonderful website called NA Alley which is dedicated to promoting all New Adult fiction. Our aim is to provide a forum for people interested specifically in speculative fiction titles with New Adult themes.

Like any label, ‘New Adult’ is somewhat fluid, but we define it as: stories about the exciting but daunting first decade after childhood, where you are for the first time truly on your own. Because it is aimed at an adult audience, we would also consider that it is not censored in the same way that Young Adult fiction is.

Official Site

 Feel free to leave any quemments (questions/comments) below and don’t forget to let us know what you’re working on via our Twitter (@aurealisAFSF/@AurealisXpress) or Facebook.

Also! Aurealis Issue #59 is out now!! For only $2.99 USD!! Here!!

And annual subscriptions (10 Issues for $19.99 USD) are available here!!

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