5 Questions with George Ivanoff

George002_sm-213x300 (1)AurealisBlog recently caught up with George Ivanoff to discuss his work, his Gamers' Trilogy and Doctor Who.


 Tell us a bit about yourself. Well, my name is George, which means I write stuff. I write all kinds of different stuff. Stuff for the education market and novels for the trade market. So everything from prep grade readers – my shortest one was 77 words – through to my latest novel… Gamers’ Rebellion which is upwards of 45,000 words – somewhere around there. And tell us about Gamers’ Rebellion. Gamers’ Rebellion is actually the third book in a series about two characters called Tark and Zyra. They’re actually characters in a computer game. So the first book, Gamers’ Quest, they don’t realise they’re in a computer game. They think that this fantastical world is actually the real world. So that book is a bit of a journey of discovery for them. In the second book, they realise they’re in the game and the want to get out. And now we have the third book where they do get out except that the real world is not at all what they were expecting. Big question: would you prefer to be The Doctor or a companion?

Now do you mean that as in ‘real life’? Or if I got a chance to be in the show?

Most definitely in real life.

I’d prefer to be a companion. The Doctor comes with too much baggage. He’s too lonely, he’s too… too much has happened to him. I’d like to just be me and be taken along for a ride. And yes, if he showed up HELL YES, I ‘d say yes.

If you could give a work of fiction to any real-life person what and who would it be?

It’s very mercenary of me, but what I’d do is, I’d give my Gamers’ Trilogy to whoever happens to be the show runner of Doctor Who at any given moment in the hopes that they will read it, like it and commission me to write a script.

How can people find Gamers’ Rebellion?

Well, in bookstores. In, hopefully, all good bookstores. And if it’s not a good bookstore and it doesn’t have it, you can always get them to order it in. Alternatively, online. Lots of online bookstores have it. And you can always go to my website, which is www.georgeivanoff.com.au – and it will point you to where you can find the books.


George will be launching Gamers’ Rebellion at Watsonia Library on Saturday 6th July. More details here: https://aurealisblog.wordpress.com/2013/07/04/gamers-rebellion-launch/

And you can also follow George on twitter @George_Ivanoff or visit his website www.georgeivanoff.com.au

GR launch invitation 6 July-EMAIL

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