URGENT: Aurealis Awards accepting entries!

The Aurealis Awards are open for entry of 2013 published Australian speculative fiction.

We would like to request of authors and publishers the immediate entry of all works already released this year – our time frames for judging are shortened this year, and we are working hard to ensure that our judging panels receive entries as early as possible, to avoid problems at the end of the entry period.

For the first time in 2013, we are able to accept all entries in either electronic or print form, at the entrant’s discretion.

Please note that entries for the Peter McNamara Convenors’ Award for Excellence (for work not eligible in other categories, or for achievement/body of work in the field) are also open.

A reminder of our categories (there have been some changes this year):


There are seven categories. Each category has a panel of at least three judges who choose the best eligible works entered each year.

Science fiction

  • best science fiction short fiction (less than 40,000 words)
  • best science fiction novel (40,000 words or longer)


  • best fantasy short fiction (less than 40,000 words)
  • best fantasy novel (40,000 words or longer)


  • best horror short fiction (less than 40,000 words)
  • best horror novel (40,000 words or longer)

Young adult

  • best young adult short fiction (less than 30,000 words)
  • best young adult novel (30,000 words or longer)


  • as of 2013, all Children’s works will be considered for a single award

The young adult and children’s categories cover entries across the spectrum – science fiction, fantasy and horror. For the purposes of the Aurealis Awards, young adult can best be described as ‘teen fiction’, broadly 12-16 years. The children’s category is for younger readers, age 8-12.

Anthology and collection

  • best collection (a volume of stories by a single author)
  • best anthology (a volume of stories by multiple authors)

Illustrated book or graphic novel

We appreciate your continued support of the Awards process and look forward to receiving your entries.

All the best,

Tehani Wessely

Judging Co-ordinator

Aurealis Awards 2013

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