In which Pierre Perrier lies with dead people… THE RETURNED Interview – Part Deux

Les RevenantsTHE RETURNED is easily my favourite show of 2013 thus far. It takes place in a small French town where people, all of a sudden, start coming back from the dead (bwahahaha!). Plus there’s something weird happening with the dam…

One of the show’s stars, Pierre Perrier, was kind enough to chat across a crackly phone line with Aurealis about scary moments on set and who he’d visit if he jumped back onto the mortal coil.

Check out Part Un of our interview with Pierre here.

Clotilde Hesme and Pierre Perrier (1)

If you were to die and come back to life, who would be the first person you would visit? 

Hmm… well. It would depend on what had been my life before dying but… I would say, of course, the loved ones; the girlfriend, the parents, the child of course.

The Returned is obviously a pretty intense show, were there any times you or your cast members were scared on set? 

Well… scared? No, not scared. There were… some scary places that we were shooting in—Ah, yes. I’ve got one example. I don’t know, how far you’ve seen the show, but there is one scene where they put me in the morgue…  where they store dead people. And at some point in the production they come up to me and said, ‘Pierre, we’re very sorry… but you have to go inside the freezer, with all the dead people… and it’s minus seventeen degrees ’. And they tell me, ‘Well, we’ll just put a sheet between you and the dead people…’ So they put you in this freezer, which is minus fifteen and I was naked, completely naked. And there were fifteen dead people beside me. And… it was half scary, half exciting I would say. It was, I think, the weirdest experience of my entire life.

Les Revenants

That literally sounds like my worst nightmare.

Yeah, it was funny. Everyone was watching me, telling me, ‘If you don’t want to do this, you don’t have to.’ But I did it anyway and at the end… I remember the smell, which wasn’t very good. The smell was terrifying. But, I mean, maybe you’ll never play a part like this (again) in your whole life.

Don’t forget to watch THE RETURNED on STUDIO 8pm October 16th!

And check out Part Un of Pierre’s interview here

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