Aurealis Blog Needs You!

Aurealis, Australia’s longest running small-press science fiction and fantasy magazine, is looking for contributors for its recently launched blog!

We’re pretty set for reviewers, but we’d love to see more editorial-type content in the realms of: Fiction – Film – Comics – any other medium with a F+SF bent.

Examples of possible article titles include:

– Why Hellboy wouldn’t survive a Lovecraftian apocalypse.

– 2013 v 2001: Comparing Gravity and 2001: A Space Odyssey

– If you can’t beat them, turn them – Vampires eh?

But hey, we’re open to new ideas, so pitch us one.

If you’re a massive speculative fiction fan and can string a few recognisable words together, we’d love to hear from you!

Just drop me, Dan, an email at the below address along with any work samples you’d like to show us. Also include in the email the last book/ comic/ film you read/watched and why it would work great as a children’s picture book.

NOTE: This is an unpaid position, not an internship, so you will not be required in the offices.


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