Garth Jones of Home Brew Vampire Bullets – Part three

Did you ever suspect that Harold Holt’s disappearance at Cheviot Beach had actually fractured space-time? Or that that creepy loner that hangs around the RSL might actually be a demon hunter? If so, then the jam-packed comic/ prose anthology Home Brew Vampire Bullets is one-hundred-per-cent your bag. BUY a copy here if you feel like having a gander. The book’s editor, oft-contributor and co-creator Garth Jones was kind enough to chat to the Aurealis Blog following the release of issue two.


Who would be your dream collaboration partner? How would that partnership work? My carefully curated mental list of self-designated demagogues and iconoclasts I’d totally be into communing with, creatively, is about as long as the A1.

Briefly, in no particular order, and I’m not writing anyone off as being impossible (barring the dead ones), these include Sebastian Horsley, Bob Ellis, Wendy James, Bodine Amerikah (call me!), Zodiac Mindwarp, Tara MacPherson, Wendy O Williams, Alison Mosshart, Michael Des Barres, Martin Sharp, Charlotte Roche, Jamie Hewlett…

How would these hook ups and mind melds work? Well, I’d imagine with profound inebriation, cosmic epiphanies and cloying, embarrassing levels of mutual admiration.

If you could give HBVB #2 to anyone, living, dead or reanimated, who would it be?

I can’t actually tell you, as I have plans to make the answer to this question a reality by year’s end.

That’s not discounting Ouija boards, voodoo ritual or entrail scrying, mind you.

Stay tuned.

How can people grab a copy of HBVB?

Rather than bombard you with the de rigueur laundry list of social media inevitabilities, I’d recommend you point your browser of choice in the direction of and scry for links to our print of demand (with immediate PDF download) and digital download offerings from there.

Check out PART ONE and PART TWO of our chat with vampire lord and all-round great guy Garth Jones.


Strap your nan down , double  padlock the liquor cabinet and pack two clean sets of undies.:  the Home Brew Vampire Bullets crew are back with another filthy great slab of wryly ‘Stralian prose, politicking and pulp!

Available as a digital download and print on demand (with digital download), TWO sports a patented, eyeball fisting cover from the unparalleled Sacha Bryning, and a foreword from Australian comedy legend Tony Martin, returning to the pop cultural fray as arch agent provocateur/ auteur and ‘cinematic’ maverick Warren Perso!

With a list of new and returning crew members far too highly accredited (and numerous) to list here, why not check out the book via our myriad online portals, and prepare to have your extremities vaporised by some of our country’s finest illustrators, writers, photographers, designers and shit-stirrers?

Don’t take our word for it- Newsarama’s Richard Gray had this to say about ONE in his ‘Best Shots of 2013’:

“it’s funny and irreverent and pretty much guaranteed to offend somebody… like a super-sized Dark Horse Presents for the southern hemisphere, and a great road map for the future direction of one of the most talented group of artists on the planet.”

Grab your very own mighty chunk of home brew lunacy in print from Blurb via:

Or Scribd:

As always, you can find us all across this wide brown internet- we crave your feedback!

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