Saturday SF + F Link Post – ‘We’re gonna need a bigger blog’ debut edition

Here it is Aurealisians, our very first recap of all the announcements, news and links we've enjoyed online this week (actually, the last two weeks). Feel free  to send over anything else you've found via twitter, facebook or the comments section below. Aurealis action Aurealis #70 is out, featuring Matthew J Morrison's spine-tingling story 'The Stain on the Lake' and Ephiny Gale's warped reality game show; 'Wrecked'. We've also got Shane M Brown talking about his Aurealis story's trip to the small screen and editor Stephen Higgins shares his advice on becoming a writer. You can pick up your electronic copy here. A super read on the loneliness of apocalyptic fiction from our very own Lachlan Walter Norma K Hemming Award short-list is in! Pimp ya Self action Feel free to drop us links to anything you'd like pimped for next week's edition via twitter, facebook or the comments section below :-) Dragonrider Handbook - Anne-Marie Strudwick's stunning book of dragon artwork, now less than $10!

Interwebs action

The dire future warnings of recent sci fi films (via Den Of Geek)
This Sea Anemone eats a bird, and it is a little scary
SF Signal’s Top 10 Science Fiction Films

Fantasy writers, have you seen this list of clichés?
What do you think about these diverse dragon designs?
Not sure about all of these, but it at least that’s my next 50 years sorted: Top 100 Fantasy series

Here is io9‘s list of 10 great authors who disowned their own books.
These robots are getting closer to science fact. (via Business Insider Australia)
Science fiction museum to open in Washington. (via ABC Radio National)
There will soon be a swarm of parents running around after little Khaleesis.  (via Vox)
George R.R. Martin’s advice on creating fantasy characters.
Michael Fassbender confirms Prometheus 2 role. Enough to get you excited?
Sci-fi films stuck in development hell. (via What Culture)
Previously unknown Octavia E. Butler stories to be published: (via io9)
For some Monday procrastination material, here’s two quizzes to test your sci-fi credentials:
Neil Gaiman helps refugees in Jordan share their stories AND ‘The Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains’ to be performed at Carnegie Hall.
The recently departed H.R. Giger’s personal sculpture garden.
The most unforgettable creations of H.R. Giger.
Giger’s unused Batmobile for Batman Forever.
20 best record sleeves designed by Giger:

The rules of writing from five greats: George Orwell, Kurt Vonnegut, Stephen King, Neil Gaiman and, courtesy of Andrew J McKiernan, Elmore Leonard.
Medieval fantasy tropes with no basis in history.
A look at the history behind Game of Thrones.

Top 10 Urban Fantasy series (according to people who should know ;-)).
10 best Paranormal Romance novels (via Heroes & Heartbreakers)
Urban Fantasy vs. Paranormal Romance.

io9 says the key to great science fiction is reading classic literature.
Also, 10 tips for generating science fiction story ideas.
And finally, did you know that the US military have real plans for both Zombies and Godzilla?

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