Aurealis #73 is out AND we want readers AND more FREE!

Aurealis #73 is out!

Featuring a near-future Melbourne of smart clouds, mutated fauna and air filtration towers in Daniel Baker’s gritty and evocative ‘Refraction’.  The second story ‘Kisses with Teeth’ by Allan Chen is a much more personal horror story, exploring one man’s reaction to a chilling transformation. Our ‘From the Archives’ this issue starts our Sacred Cows series where we review classic SF novels as if they had been published today.  Shane M Brown’s article, ‘The Secret to Selling eBooks’, continues his series on thriving in the new publishing eco-system we live in, and we round things off with a bumper crop of  reviews of the latest speculative fiction.

So pick up your copy, along with the last issue and the next three issues, FREE here.

Also! Aurealis is looking to expand its team of Readers.

If you love science fiction, fantasy and/or horror, feel you have a discerning eye for a good story, and would like to read and assess short story submissions to Aurealis, please contact our Submissions Manager, Adrik, at with your expression of interest by 22 August 2014. Please include the titles of the three novels you last read, plus the titles of your favourite novel and your favourite short story and why they are your favourites in 50-100 words.

Also Also! Aurealis editor and super great bloke Dirk Strasser is giving away the first book of his tremendous fantasy trilogy ZENITH for FREE in ebook form until August 12.

“Strasser’s unique blend of adventure, esotericism, Eastern mysticism, and fantasy makes for compelling reading… Strasser has not just written down a legend, rather, he has crafted one.” – Amazon review

“Dirk Strasser’s Zenith… is on my list of all-time worldwide Top Ten fantasy novels… It does what all good quest novels do, and does it better than almost any of them – that is, it creates wonders.” – Richard  Harland, author of Worldshaker

Read more and download your copy, free of charge, HERE.

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